These supplements are sometimes sold with conventional

These supplements are sometimes sold with conventional or conformist over the counter medications in many retail openings and while the dietary supplements sold are not created for the purpose of treatment, mitigation, cure, or even in the resistance of any disease or illness, many prospective buyers do not view them in the way they are intended for use and they believe that these supplements are capable of being substituted for prescribed drugs from medical experts. A report stated, that more than a total number of a 60 percent of the United States populace, engages in the use of a certain type of dietary supplement on Medicine Direct a routine basis. The surveys being, conducted on this matter in other countries reported that a 50 to 60 percent of citizens, especially in Asia use dietary supplements even more than the 35 percent of dietary supplements consumers in Europe and even, in Latin America, it is reported that there is a constant use of the supplements. In the global world, the control of dietary supplements differs by the type of country involved. In the United States of America alone, the use of supplements was regulated as outlined in the American Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) as stated in 1994. The result that followed DSHEA pronouncement, was that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then, regulated the dietary supplements to be recognized and taken as food and not as drugs. The reason is that even though supplements products may display or provide health benefits for the user or sometimes even side effects associated with its use, it is not a proven medium for the safety and efficiency proved by conventional prescribed drugs.


Supplements are substances made from herbal or vitamin sources that are processed for the consumption of man through ingestible preparations, which serve a lot of benefit for the human health function. Supplements are also called dietary supplements and they are used globally to represent a wide range of ingestible substances, which are different from the normal conformist foods and drugs are taken by every human being.
In the united states of America, the dietary supplements are explained as products which are meant to supplement the dietary need of the body and which is meant to possess at the least one of the ingredients of mineral, herb, vitamin, botanical herbs, amino acid, metabolite or any other mixture. Thus other mixtures like products like garlic, multivitamin, fish oil pills, probiotics, weight loss aids and some certain types of energy drink do form an example of these dietary supplements.

In the United States of America, the dietary supplements are branded as such and it must be projected for oral prescription alone, despite the fact of it being pills, tablets, a powdery form, or even in liquid form. Also, the dietary supplements should not include chemical components, which have been authorized as drugs or certified as biologics, unless in a case where the products have been marketed before as a dietary supplement or as a food.

If a dietary supplement has just been introduced to the markets, it is the duty of the American FDA to ascertain on the fact of if the product is safe for human consumption or not, this is to ensure that it is a safe commodity to be sold in markets for human consumption. The American FDA as well relies on a program known as Med Watch, this program was instituted for the many American supplements consumers who wish to make a complaint about any particular supplement or drugs that had adversely affected their health in a negative way. Also, the consumers are also charged with the responsibility of reporting any suspected or illicit supplements which do not produce the effects desired to the American FDA for them to take necessary actions.

This situation as well is being practiced in other countries outside America, who have regulatory bodies that guide on the production and sales of certain dietary supplements which, could pose a threat for human consumption and as a means of enhancing its duty, it puts up a series of programs just like the American FDA Med Watch, to ensure its citizens report on the use of supplementary diets which is of adverse effects to their body health, after consumption.

Supplements have many beneficial properties, which when ingested into the body can do a lot of good because of the ingredients which were being used in its making. But also, despite its beneficial properties for the health, it also has some negative effects on the body and more discoveries are still being made on its possibilities. Researchers continue today to discover on the negativities and positivity in relation to the consumption of supplements.

Scientists have thus, proven on the roles played by supplements in providing the body with the basic essential nutrients and vitamins needed in maintaining a healthy body system and also, studies continue to be made on its harmful side effects as well. A possible mineral which has been known to have side effects on its host after being ingested is the Vitamin E and Vitamin D, which is also a constituent of the many supplements being made in the world today. Thus it is a well-known fact of the major role played by these vitamins in the human system and as thus it is recognized what the harmful side effects of these vitamins can induce in the long run.

This case of inconsistency can always be traced back to an unpredictability in the product quality. The many dietary supplements might not contain the same exact amount of specified ingredients that make up for what is shown on the product's label and in some certain circumstance, these dietary supplements might even be mixed with synthetic products made from drugs, pathogenic microbes or might even be from heavy toxic metals.


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